New Construction

We work closely with architects, designers, and homeowners to create homes prized for their fine workmanship, authenticity, and beauty. We constantly strive to improve our skills, knowledge, and systems in an effort to achieve a quality of work and customer service that is unsurpassed.  




The construction process itself is a critical component of any addition or renovation project. Unlike new construction, we are always guests in someone's home.  Through our detailed, collaborative process of precise planning, scheduling, project management, and close communication with you throughout the project, we are sure to achieve the result we all envision - a home that's uniquely yours.



Home Repair & Maintenance

For the last twenty or so years, home inspections have become routine when buying or selling a home.  After the home inspector has completed the inspection report and notes the deficiencies with the home, each party will need an accurate cost estimate for whatever repairs are necessary.  Who better to provide that repair estimate than a licensed homebuilder with a network of specialized subcontractors.  Our Home Inspection Repair division, can provide you with a detailed repair estimate, and is also equipped to expeditiously make the repairs.  Our goal is to provide a special and unique service that satisfies the inspection repair needs of the Birmingham area real estate agent, buyer, and selller.